I am so excited to staff this weeks teens training! The best decision my daughter made was to begin her journey and discover who she is. Our relationship has grown so much in the last two years, and she continues to inspire me everyday! I am so grateful for and trust this process as well as those who are waiting to embrace your loved ones. – Jen


In my experience, Couples training works at whatever level your relationship is at, be it a tune-up or an overhaul. The best investment in “us” we have ever made. – David


Couples has not only saved, but AMAZINGLY enhanced our marriage and sex life! (yes, I said it!) We use the skills and tools from this training daily in our marriage. We have both said that couples allowed us to go through cancer twice and be more connected. Grateful for the opportunity! . – Nicole


What I learned some years ago, is simple…. Be! Do! Have! I put my butt on the line and I took a stand, I trusted and fell into loving arms, I’ve danced the sweetest dance a woman can ever do and discovered that I too can be vulnerable. Today I am being true to me, I am doing what I dreamed of doing. Living in gratitude what a wonderful place to live. – Juanita


My lovely lady friends…. Women’s is the most beautiful experience I’ve been through. It is the training I go back to the most and cherish closest to my heart. – Vanessa


Joyful Living: Thank you so much for such a fabulous, life affirming, life changing experience. Blessings on you!. – Tim


What I’ve learned through parts 1 and 2 of training is that giving and receiving are the same thing, and when you truly give you open up the same channel to receive and therefore inspire more and more. I am overwhelmed with the desire to keep paying it forward to as many people possible and to give future buddies the same miracle that I was given. – Ashlee


I felt like I was smart, successful and introspective, but no matter what I tried, I could not get my relationships with men to improve. I went to the training with the intention that somehow I would be able to learn what was in my way once and for all.

Within months of my training, I met my future husband. We know have two beautiful boys together, a thriving business, an amazing home, our health, financial and personal prosperity,  in short abundance in all areas of our lives.




Joyful Living Part One was a turning point for me. My first day of the training was the last day I lived as a victim.- David



Meet ImagoVie Foundation

The ImagoVie Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization grounded in healing, growth and connection. We focus on personal and professional development, rehabilitation and community outreach. Every aspect of the ImagoVie Foundation and programs offered are carefully designed to create an intensive yet nurturing therapeutic experience. Through thoughtful, individualized application of the training course coupled with intensive life coaching, our students are able to make significant changes, both in their outward behavior patterns and more importantly, in their inner thought patterns and processes. The conscious practice of vulnerability and empathy are the key to these significant life changes.

The ImagoVie Foundation provides a safe and nurturing environment for healing, growth and connection. In order to change our circumstances, the only solution is for us to get better with personal development. That change cannot happen until individuals get really clear on what is influencing and driving their actions and carefully dissecting their results in life. One’s beliefs, needs and emotional patterns are invisible forces that determine how one lives their everyday life. The good news is habits can be changed with awareness, focus and dedication. Our experienced facilitators guide students step-by-step through a variety of highly effective and in-depth processes in order to break through the barriers and self-limiting beliefs that block students from experiencing their true essence. We extensively address the issues that each student is currently experiencing, in order to assist in developing new and more effective coping skills. Supported by a loving and committed staff, these processes give the students knowledge of experience to integrate into their life and inspire the actions necessary to transform their lives forever. Delivered with passion, power and playfulness within a safe, fun and loving atmosphere makes this personal development training process enjoyable, moving and highly effective.