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Embrace the magnificence of your unique gifts with new appreciation. Tap into a well-spring of inspiration and creativity that was yours all along.

Expansion is your next step following ImagoVie Core. In this course you will:

• Experience your own uniqueness with appreciation, honesty and humor
• Break free of labels that hurt and hold you back
• Let go of beliefs that block your natural path to joy
• Learn to embrace and trust the brilliance of your individual gifts
• Develop the habit of genuinely seeing and celebrating the gifts of others
• Learn what it means to be a “giver” and to live a life of generosity and abundance
• Get in touch with your life’s purpose – what you want to create in relationships, business, and in life

This 4-day course is an event that will truly transform both your personal and professional life.

Part 1 - ImagoVie CORE

The total cost for this course is $587.00.

You may also make a deposit toward the course by choosing Deposit to pay $100 instead of the full amount.

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