Part 1 - CORE

Awaken the wonder and excitement that was yours as a child, reconnect with your innocence, and learn to recognize and trust your “natural knowing” - your steady compass in life.

Consistent results students have reported include:

• Living with more creativity and joy

• Unconditional love for self and others

• Increased integrity and commitment to keep promises

• Awakening to possibilities in relationships

• Genuine forgiveness

• Empathy for others

• Freedom from feeling stagnant

• Connection to the child within

• Trust in my “natural knowing”

• Desire to celebrate life rather than endure it

• More accountability for choices and results


Embrace the magnificence of your unique gifts with new appreciation.  Tap into a well-spring of inspiration and creativity that was yours all along.

Expansion is your next step following ImagoVie Core.  In this course you will:

• Experience your own uniqueness with appreciation, honesty and humor

• Break free of labels that hurt and hold you back

• Let go of beliefs that block your natural path to joy

• Learn to embrace and trust the brilliance of your individual gifts

• Develop the habit of genuinely seeing and celebrating the gifts of others

• Learn what it means to be a “giver” and to live a life of generosity and abundance

• Get in touch with your life’s purpose – what you want to create in relationships,  business, and in life


A Friday evening full of fun processes to assist you in taking a look on how you show up in life, in personal relationships, business and family relationships by simply asking what are some of the obstacles that you put in your own way, to keep you from reaching your highest potential. Followed by a full day on Saturday at the ropes course and ending with a fire walk. No pre-requisites. Anyone can attend.

Youth Summer Camp

Your kids are AMAZINGLY AWESOME and they deserve to know it, live it and celebrate it! When they go back to school this year don’t let the answer to the question “what did you do over the summer?” be “NOTHING”. Send them back knowing their true self worth, with confidence in their problem solving skills and their ability to make positive choices.
Let us help them recognize the importance of loving and trusting themselves and the value of teamwork and clear communication.
For 2 days they will practice these skills through joyful play, interactive events and fun processes.

Saturday will include a Ropes Course complete with canoeing. Parents are welcome to come hang out that day. Please provide a sack lunch and snacks. Water will be provided.

Teens Empowerment

Our TEEN EMPOWERMENT training leaves young participants empowered to create new possibilities, to be responsible for their lives, communicate effectively with others, and feel confident in making their own healthy choices. The training teaches young participants to work together in new and creative ways to develop positive working relationships and achieve personal goals in school, at home, and in their community. In this engaging, safe and interactive experience, our young participants will have the opportunity to explore, discover and create breakthroughs in their ability to:

Learn and practice speaking in a language of accountability; value of “Being your word.”

Communicate effectively and see life from an expanded view.

Let go of painful past events through forgiveness and understanding.

Deal effectively with peer pressure and make their own healthy choices.

Generate excellence in school and in the areas of life that are important to them.

Know themselves as someone who makes a significant difference; building self worth.

Learn the importance of Responsibility - ability to respond in a way that empowers themselves and others.

Create Healthy Boundaries.

Understand consequences and make healthy, loving decisions.

Question and challenge the “I’m not ________ enough” statements and beliefs.

Have Fun and Celebrate in creative, safe and healthy ways.

Training includes a full day ROPES COURSE!!!